divorceDivorce simply refers to the dissolution of a marriage.  Divorce laws are state governed and may vary from state to state.  Florida is a no-fault divorce state meaning that as long as the requirements for a divorce are met, the marriage may be dissolved.

Divorce petitions must be filed in the county where either the couple last resided as husband and wife or in the county where either spouse currently resides.  There are multiple documents that must be filed with court as well as specific requirements and procedures that must be met in order to obtain a divorce in Florida.

The divorce process is much faster and must less costly if the parties can reach an agreement without a lengthy trial.  Mediation is one of the means by which a couple can reach an agreement amongst themselves.  Some counties in Florida require that the parties attempt to reach an agreement through mediation prior to proceeding to trial.

Florida also offers an alternative to the regular divorce referred to as a simplified divorce.  However, this simplified divorce process is available only under certain circumstances and only if certain requirements are met.

Florida is an equitable distribution state meaning that the court will require that the marital assets be divided fairly.  The court will consider a series of factors when determining a fair and equitable division of the marital assets.  Keep in mind that a fair and equitable division of assets does not automatically mean an equal division of assets.

During a divorce, the court may consider awarding alimony to one of the parties.  There are several types of alimony that may be awarded and a list of factors that the court uses in determining the amount of alimony that may be awarded.

Parenting plans and child support are additional issues that may be encountered during the divorce process.

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Divorce affects the entire family.  Prior to filing for divorce we recommend that you and your spouse attempt to save your marriage.  If you decide that divorce is an option that you wish to consider, we are here to help you every step of the way.  Our attorneys can assist you in assessing your particular situation, discussing all aspects of divorce and what it might mean for you and your family and helping you to determine if divorce is right option for you.

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