child supportBoth parents are responsible for supporting their children financially through the payment of child support.  This responsibility continues until a child is eighteen (18) years of age, marries, becomes emancipated from his or her parents, joins the armed forces, or dies.

The issue of child support has several aspects including, but not limited to, which parent is responsible for paying child support, the amount of child support that must be paid and how the child support payment is to be made.

In Florida, the amount of child support that must be paid is governed by guidelines.  These child support guidelines calculate the amount of child support that must be paid given the income of each parent and the number of children involved.  The amount of overnight contact of each parent with the child is also a factor in the calculation of child support.

Though the amount of child support to be paid is determined during the divorce proceedings and is set forth in the final judgment, this does not necessarily mean that this amount cannot be changed.  If there has been a substantial change in circumstances it is possible to request that the amount of child support be adjusted by the court.

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